Student Wellbeing

Here at Al Iman College, one of our prime concerns is the holistic wellbeing of our students. All our staff hold high expectations for students and believe in their ability to succeed. We believe that building a professional teacher-student relationship with our students is vital. All our staff are dedicated to assisting and instilling leadership qualities in our students, as such, aiding them in becoming well-balanced individuals.

Staying Healthy & Active

Some initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle which starts in Al Iman College:

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables with fruit breaks during class time for lower primary levels
  • Monitoring lunch boxes
  • Providing sound and appropriate yard equipment and ample space for active play time.
  • Easily accessible fresh drinking water dispensers
  • Eating in class instead of in the yard during breaks

Future whole school initiatives and programs will be conducted to inculcate healthy eating habits in all students.

Restorative Practices

The college is adopting the approach of Restorative Practices in promoting and sustaining strong and healthy relationships across the school by implementing proactive and responsive programs rather than reactive strategies. This is to promote enhanced social capital, improved individual self-discipline, self-regulation and emotional well-being which leads to improved academic outcomes and improved whole school climate.

Community Involvement Program

The Community Involvement Program provides students with many ways to contribute their energy and service to the college with the emphasis on personal interaction in assisting others. Currently, students are actively involved in maintaining a pleasant, clean and rich learning environment through

  • Cleanliness Rosters
  • Thematic Class Decorating Competitions
  • Maintaining a Herbal Garden

These promote both a sense of responsibility and belonging to the school. The college will expand on this to involve students in contributing to the community at large.

Buddy Program

The college Buddy Program helps to promote support between older and younger peers through regular collaboration between their classes, creating a sense of whole-school community. It also creates friendships that enable both older and younger buddies to bond more closely with their school, increasing the likelihood of more positive school behaviour for all students. As the older children learn to take on responsibility, the younger children understand that they have a fellow student whom they can confidently turn to for support.