Automotive & Mechanics Pathway

If you love all things cars, vehicles, hands-on work and technology – an automotive-related career can be a great way to follow your passion!

Automotives, vehicles, and all kinds of transport are a vital part of the infrastructure in a range of other industries – and there’s a lot to explore if you’re interested in the sector.

It’s not just about driving or being a car mechanic – the automotive industry is broad and encompasses a variety of activities, including:

  • Retailing of vehicles, parts and tools.
  • Parts manufacturing.
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Repair and maintenance of cars, trucks and heavy goods vehicles.
  • Repair and service of bicycles, outdoor power equipment, marine vessels and motorcycles.
  • Non-car manufacturing.

Training Levels and Requirements

The below chart shows a selection of occupations that are related to this learning area.
The four education and training levels are to be used as a guide only. These levels indicate the most common education and/or entry requirements for these occupations.

The Four Education and Training Levels in Australia:

  • Level 1
    Usually has a skill level equal to the completion of Year 10, a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, Certificate I or II. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level.
  • Level 2
    Usually has a skill level equal to a Certificate III or IV, or at least three years relevant experience. Australian Apprenticeships may be offered at this level.
  • Level 3
    Usually requires a level of skill equal to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Study is often undertaken through TAFEs or Registered Training Organisations. Some universities offer studies at this level.
  • Level 4
    Usually requires a level of skill equal to a Bachelor degree or higher qualification. Study is often undertaken at a university.

Click on the links below each level for more information on the Job & Career Pathway.

Level 4

Mechanical Engineer
Mechatronic Engineer
Transport Administrator
Industrial Engineer
Electrical Engineer

Level 3

Mechanical Engineering Associate
Navy Technical Sailor
Transport Administrator
Marine Engineer
Electrical Engineering Associate
Air Force Technician/ Tradesperson

Level 2

Light Engine Mechanic
Car Mechanic
Marine Engineer
Panel Beater
Radiator Repairer
Truck Driver
Tyre Fitter and Repairer
Vehicle Body Builder
Vehicle Detailer
Vehicle Dismantler
Vehicle Painter
Vehicle Trimmer
Windscreen Fitter
Heavy Vehicle Motor Mechanic
Forklift Operator
Exhaust Fitter and Repairer
Engine Reconditioner
Driving Instructor
Car Salesperson
Brake Mechanic
Bicycle Technician
Automotive Parts Interpreter
Automotive Electrician
Automotive Airconditioning Fitter
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Level 1

Industrial Spray Painter
Radiator Repairer
Truck Driver
Truck Offsider
Tyre Fitter & Repairer
Vehicle Detailer
Vehicle Dismantler
Vehicle Serviceperson
Windscreen Fitter
Forklift Operator
Exhaust Fitter and Repairer
Car Salesperson
Bus Driver
Bicycle Technician