Green Up Cool Down With Nature Project 2020

16 June 2021

“Green Up Cool Down with Nature” project.

Inspired by World Environmental Day Grants Program 2020 supported by Melton City Council.

Alhamdulillah with the grace and mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, He has given us the ability and favoured us with the support from the council to make an effort to beautify the college premises and parameters with green landscaping. We planted native trees and scrubs, uplifting the look of the south side facade of the college.

We also established our kitchen gardens by constructing garden beds at the most conducive positions and later extended the capacity. We were able to green up as well as grow healthy organic produce.

Our "Green Up Cool Down with Nature" project has benefitted the community as a whole. It has also brought collaboration with a volunteer group for distribution of produce to the needy in the community.

InshaAllah we would like to continue on a larger scale not just by growing seasonal herbs and vegetables but also a variety of fruit trees. It will be an opportunity for further collaboration all year round.

Our students benefitted most from the project. They were made aware of different ways to contribute. They gained hands-on skills and knowledge of effective gardening. They also learned the value of self-sustenance and a healthy lifestyle, all while having fun.

The courtyards and the playground have turned into a better and safer outdoor area for our students to enjoy, conducive to learning, rest and play. It is also proven that this will result in improved attentiveness and engagement in class.

It is an achievement alhamdulillah, and yet it is just a start to our long term plan. The support from the council is a motivation to achieve more as we are a young and growing college.

Together we would like to work towards an improved sense of belonging, making our city a better place to be and to invite others to our city…. Melton.

On behalf of Al Iman College, we thank Melton City Council for making our “Green Up Cool Down with Nature” project a success!