Al Iman students learn water saving tips from Western Water

Al Iman students learn water saving tips from Western Water

1 August 2019

Western Water visited the school and carried out incursions for the Foundations and Grade 2s on the 30th and 31st of July 2019.

Alison, from Western Water presented the students with a variety of water using items that are used in and around our households. Students were encouraged to work collaboratively in teams and were able to identify different areas where water is used around our homes and described the uses of a variety of items used for different purposes such as water hose, showerheads, dish washer and items used for personal hygiene such as tooth brush, soap, hand and body washes. Students were given water saving tips that will help reduce the use of water around the home such as having shorter showers, using the dishwasher and washing machine when full, and turning tap off when brushing teeth and drinking from the water fountain. Students were given information sheets to take home to share with the members of their families.

The general feedback from students were, “This was such an informative incursion!”, “Now I know how to save water wisely”. Well done to all the students who participated and showed exceptional behaviour during these incursions.

Ms Saima Shinwari
Year 2B Form Teacher & Level Coordinator F-2