Learning arrangements for Term 2, 2020

Learning arrangements for Term 2, 2020

14 April 2020

The Victorian Premier has stated that “if a child can learn from home then they must learn from home. On-site learning will only be available for children whose parents can’t work from home and vulnerable students without access to a suitable learning environment at home.”

The Federal Education Minister has advised that “schools to retain a physical classroom environment for the children of parents who may not have a choice of keeping children at home and for the children of parents who choose to access it”.

  • Please be reminded that Tuesday, 14 April will be Curriculum Day.

  • From Wednesday 15th of April 2020, the college would be offering online learning for those who can learn from home and onsite learning for those who are not able to learn from home.

Guidelines for the parents:

  • The parent/carer is responsible for students’ general safety at home or elsewhere.
  • Parents/carers are responsible to ensure that student behaviour and conduct is in line with the college policies.
  • All the college policies apply at all times during the online learning period as well.
  • All students must be in the college uniform whether they are learning online or onsite.
  • The canteen service will not be available. Parents or carers should provide sufficient snack/lunch for the day for the students learning onsite.
  • Parents/carers should communicate with the teachers through SEQTA.
  • The college timetable remains the same as published on SEQTA.
  • The learning will start at 8:30 and finish at 3:50.
  • The parents/carers should strictly follow the health guidelines. Please be reminded not to send to the college, any child who has fever, coughing, flu like symptoms or is feeling sick.
  • Yard Duty Teachers will be issued with a thermometer to check every child before entering the premise.
  • Parents/carers will be required to pick up their child who becomes unwell while at the college.
  • Parents/carers will drop and pickup students at the gate only. *Parents/carers are advised not to make any interaction with each other within the premises including the car parks and surrounding areas.
  • Parents/carers are advised not to attend the college office unless otherwise advised.
  • Parents/carers are requested to forward their queries through email or phone. Attendance will be marked daily.
  • The teachers will mark daily student attendance during the first period at 8:30.
  • Parents/carers must advise the classroom teacher via email if a student will not be participating in the online session (so that it is an explained absence).
  • All the student learning resources will be provided through SEQTA.
  • The college will be using “ZOOM” for live online learning.

“ZOOM” setup and procedures

  • Parents/carers need to follow the link to “ZOOM” shared by the respective teacher.
  • Parents/carers are encouraged to access the link at 8:25am.
  • A copy of the weekly remote plan will be emailed to parents through SEQTA.
  • All participants will enter the waiting room once they click the link.
  • The teacher will grant entrance into the session. It is very important that the teacher can identify the student via full name before granting entrance for privacy and child safety reasons.
  • All participants will be muted on commencement of the session.
  • Students to use the “Raise Hand” option if they have a question. If students are accidentally unmuted, they will be asked to mute themselves for consideration of other students and respect of the teacher.

Students must:

  • Use their full name not a nickname
  • Be dressed in the college uniform
  • Be ready and seated for their classes
  • Seek permission from the teacher by raising their hand if they need to visit the bathroom or leave their seat

Students must not:

  • Record sessions/classmates/teacher on any device
  • Chat privately
  • Use other devices during the sessions, e.g. mobile
  • Browse irrelevant content or sites during sessions

As this is a new experience for our community including students, parents and college staff, we hope for your full cooperation and understanding as we go through this together.

Wassalam Zulfiquar Ali Principal