Love of Reading: If you want your children to love reading you must let them read.

Love of Reading: If you want your children to love reading you must let them read.

16 March 2021

Develop a love of Reading in Children:

Exposing children to a variety of genres can help them find the books they love. Plus, reading comprehension strategies to deepen their engagement.

Reading Dares your children to grow.

Before we encourage our children to read, they must know how to read. Inspiring children to read is the first step for parents to undertake and finding books that interest them is another step as it is the foundation of reading. From there, the parents must interact with children with fun and exciting lines and squiggle until the children transform into stories, character’s, and ideas. Once they master the picture books, move forward to novels.

To keep in mind that, for children to fall in love with reading they need parents support and engagement in encouraging and motivating them to read; that will grow and deepen their knowledge. Acquiring knowledge through books is one of the many ways to benefit them, in terms of understanding the world and able to excel academically. Books that are highly recommended to read are literature, books in foreign languages, Islamic books, and many more.

Reading is a Big Academic Boost

Children who develop the love for reading perform better in schools. When reading is fun and easy children like it even more. Reading is a positive cycle which enhance their overall academic performance. Your children will build strong comprehension skills in writing, reading, and speaking.

Confidance and Motivation

Children will have more confidence and become motivated If they love to read, hence enhancing their academic performance. .

Meaningful Personal Rewards

It is not just academic success, children who love to read get to feel the real joy of being lost in the good book, they experience the adventure right along with the character, in fact he or she will feel that they are the main character. This enhances the pleasurable and rewarding experience and can be a turning point in their lives. Reading shapes the way children understand the world.

Jazak Allah Khairan


Sr Khurrathulaain